St Bernadette School... Something Beautiful. 


St. Bernadette classroom teachers are qualified and dedicated individuals who are certified through the State of Nebraska.

We have certified staff members in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade, Music, P.E., and Technology.

All certified staff and support staff, including teacher assistants, administrative assistants, lunchroom staff, cleaning staff and our engineer are certified in Safe Environments Training through the Archdiocese of Omaha.


St. Bernadette does not have a counselor on-site.  However, counseling services are available at no cost through community programs provided by Omaha Public Schools.  Information is available on their website.  If you are in need of services, please call the school, 402-731-3033.  We also utilize some counseling services at Gross Catholic High School.  They are available to us on a consultative basis.

School Staff 2017-2018

What I Love Best about St. Bernadette School...

"….the teachers, because they are very helpful and they teach us to be good people for when we get older." -Katelynn

"….is the kind and caring staff that take extra time from their day to help us. " -Mark


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St. Bernadette School
7600 S. 42nd Street
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School: (402) 731-3033
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