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Partnership with Gross Catholic High School

Gross Catholic works cooperatively with St. Bernadette School to support academic and athletic student success.  St. Bernadette students have the opportunity to participate in many additional activities and functions with, or sponsored by, Gross Catholic High School.


  • Celebrate annual joint school Masses at Gross Catholic
  • Attend Gross High’s fall and spring drama productions
  • Enroll in advanced math courses
  • Enroll in Spanish classes
  • Pre-Kindergarten through 1st Graders attend an annual Halloween parade with treats at Gross
  • Gross Catholic students serve as teacher assistants in St. Bernadette classrooms while they complete college-level course work for their Intro to Education class.  Their students also sign up to be aides.
  • Our Junior High Science classes have the opportunity to use the lab facilities at Gross Catholic
  • St. Bernadette’s Music Department uses Gross Catholic’s remodeled auditorium for concerts
  • Our annual Archdiocese-wide music festival, Catholic Choralfest, is jointly sponsored by the vocal music departments of both schools.
  • 8th Grade students are eligible for the Gross Catholic Scholarship program
  • Junior Cougar Football
  • Junior Cougar Wrestling
  • Junior Cougar Band
  • Junior Cougar Cheerleading
  • Junior Cougar Dance Team
  • Teacher-to-Teacher mentoring
  • Schools share in-services, guest speakers, collaborating priests
  • Even a state-of-the-art softball field


We are very blessed to share an open campus with Gross Catholic and hope to continually work to broaden our partnership to better serve the students and families of St. Bernadette School and Gross.  To learn more, please visit:

What I Love Best about St. Bernadette School...

"….being with my friends everyday. It’s like a huge family. Everyone knows everybody." -Laura

"….working with the 7th grade buddies." -Drew


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