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Technology Resources

St. Bernadette currently has wireless internet access throughout the building.  Our technology team is committed to maintaining safe internet access for all students.

Sycamore Education

St. Bernadette School currently uses Sycamore Education, an online interactive parent resource for students, parents and staff.  Sycamore Education allows parents to view student assignments and grades, school calendar, lunch menu and daily news events related directly to the school.


St. Bernadette School is moving towards a media center concept for technology classes.  This center will include technology opportunities and library opportunities.  We have Chrome Books and  I-pads  that are used in the classroom setting.  Every year we add more devices getting us closer to a one to one setting.  In addition, all of our classrooms are equipped with one of the following:  a Promethean Board, SMART Board or Mimio Interactive Bar.  New wireless capabilites were added the summer of 2014.  All teachers have received an I-Pad for instruction and are receiving continued suppport in the use of the I-Pad as a teaching tool.  


What I Love Best about St. Bernadette School...

"….Because all the teachers are good. They are nice and do a good job explaining things, and they help me whenever I need help. " -Joe

"….I love the principal, because she takes really good care of us. " -Jordan


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