St Bernadette School... Something Beautiful. 


Hello!  I am Principal Mrs. Lynn Schultz, and I welcome you to St. Bernadette School.  We are a Preschool through 8th grade Catholic school located about 4 blocks south of Harrison on 42nd Street.  Our beautiful 5-acre campus sits next door to Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School.

What happens inside is beautiful too because, at St. Bernadette, our experienced teachers are privileged to be able to educate the whole student: mind, body and soul, as only an archdiocesan school can.

For our students’ intellectual needs, we have strong, standards-based curriculum, individualized electives classes at the middle school level and a vibrant partnership with Gross High.

In addition to physical education, our St. Bernadette Tigers play on winning athletic teams with the direct opportunity to participate in the Gross Junior Cougars athletic programs.

Student-led Masses, outdoor Rosaries, community-service projects and dynamic music and religion classes combine with a caring staff, and our Pastor, Fr. Harry Buse, and Fr. Scott Hastings in residence, to address the emotional and spiritual needs of each student.

So, as you can tell, we work hard, play hard and pray hard … and have a lot of fun.  If you feel your child deserves the unique St. Bernadette educational experience, please call me at (402) 731-3033 or e-mail  to schedule a visit.

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What I Love Best about St. Bernadette School...

"...I love going to Mass because we get closer to God." -Ellie

"….is the people that are here because everyone welcomed me." -Ryan


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St. Bernadette School
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